Parents at Work.

Getting back into the workforce following parental leave? Our Coaches can help make the transition smooth!

The Need:

Parents re-entering the workplace face an identity shift, and often need to negotiate new boundaries and responsibilities ongoing through their working lives. Likewise, they have skills and qualities developed from their family experience that can benefit their careers, and visa versa. This important life transition is an opportunity for employers to strengthen their support and engagement with key staff

Our Insights:

  • Parents experience flex-ism

  • The experience is gender neutral

  • Working parents’ needs evolve as children get older

  • COVID-19 has forced the essential inclusion of parents

Our Approach:

Coaching themes & content include:
1. Personal Identity
2. Skills transference
3. Addressing bias in the workplace
4. The new work:life 'balance’
5. Making time for Mindfulness
6. Tough decisions based on values


  • Selection from shortlist of 3 Coaches – deeply experienced in bundle themes

  • BOLDLY access – 12 months

  • Digital Book: “Parents Who Lead”

  • Hogan personality assessment & debrief

  • Curated media content & activities aligned to themes

  • Guided goal setting• Blended online and f2f delivery


  • 6 x sessions

  • 1:1 or Group Coaching


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