Resilience & Wellness For Teams.

Resilience is your staff’s ability to respond to challenge, and learn through tough situations.

The Need:

The clients we work with often have a myriad of talent initiatives underway to impact productivity, wellness, management skills, and ensure their business values and underlying behaviours support their culture and strategy. Through COVID however, it became apparent that many of these initiatives, while well-intentioned, didn’t ensure staff resilience in response crisis.

Teams in particular are an essential system of staff support – they not only rely on one another for technical insights and work outputs, but also for social and emotional wellbeing. To be effective, even in fair weather conditions, a team needs psychological safety and fine tuned ways of working together.

Our Insights:

Resilience is your staff’s ability to respond to challenge, and learn through tough situations. It’s often an individual attribute, however can be experienced collectively through business change, such as rightsizing, economic and social shifts, leadership transitions, and team loss. A psycho-social approach is essential to understanding individuals, how they work within a team, and that team within your business and society, to ensure all levels of the system are reinforced for future resilience.

Our Approach:

  • We start with assessment, using valid and globally benchmarked resilience tools to understand the 'current state' of your talent pool

  • We then introduce interventions using a combination of workshops and coaches, strategically placed to support key staff to build wellness skills

  • We enable connectivity to existing wellness initiatives, taking a skills-based approach to developing staff capability and awareness of resources

  • We conclude with follow-up re-tests of resilience, at the +3, +6 or +12 month mark to demonstrate how the skills intervention has impacted the population

Solution Options:

  • Resilience assessment using world class digital tools to evaluate your staffs stress

  • Team sessions focused on wellness techniques, neuroscience, and psychological safety

  • Skills workshops to support performance reviews – for example, enabling a culture of feedback

  • Coaching and shadowing of in-tact teams to reinforce behaviours and new ways of working

  • Engagement initiatives across remote workforce, in digital collaboration

  • Communications and change management to support values re-implementation

  • Targeted management, HR and leadership development to ensure effective resilience and workplace health practices are embedded


We bring together a solution that works for your organisation, and the team in question. Reach out to discuss the solution that will have an impact for your team.

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