Mentoring Programmes.

Mentoring is a distinct model from coaching, where an organisations internal professionals are up-skilled and deployed as subject matter experts to impact the development of Peers and Colleagues.

The Need:

A great mentoring programme allows your organisation to tap into internal talent resources for knowledge sharing and culture building. Every great organisation has a mentoring programme, but some are better than others! Done poorly, this can become a time and resource sap for your business, and actually demotivates both mentees and mentors. But done well - the power is huge! Lets work together to amplify learning and knowledge share in your culture with thoughtful design and management of your mentoring initiatives.

Mentor VS Coach.

We deliver:

  • Frameworks and collateral.

  • Ongoing management, tracking and delivery of healthy mentoring communities.

  • Communications models.

  • Mentor and mentee skills workshops.

Our Approach:

Our Lanterne Rouge mentoring models leverage some of the best practices from coaching and enable effective deployment across your business and target talent populations.

We have established mentoring offerings for early careers programs, as well as Equity, Diversity, Belonging & Inclusion (EDB&I) initiatives, to ensure the power of your existing staff, including their knowledge, attributes and competencies, can be consistently shared for the benefit of the whole business.

This important development mechanism rarely demonstrates it's promised impact - working with Lanterne Rouge allows you to not only start out with the best mentoring intentions for your program, but actually implement, track, and sustain them.

Our mentoring offering:

1. Program Planning

  • Design principles

  • Governance plans

  • Communications strategy

2. Program Set Up

  • Material build/adaption

  • Mentor/mentee attraction & selection

  • Matching & initiation

  • Participants training

3. Program Delivery

  • 1:1 sessions

  • Self assessment

  • Peer networking sessions

  • Workshop series

4. Program Mentoring

  • Mid program check-in sessions with participants

  • Satisfaction monitoring of workshops

5. Program Ending

  • End of program debrief

  • Cohort final event

  • Continuous learning

  • Alumni activities


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