Learning Community Management.

Bringing leadership training to life through experiential learning - we work with you to personalise and track progress through your development programmes.

The Need:

Our customized development solutions push and inspire your employees to work on real-life business challenges. People easily forget what you tell them, but seldom forget an experience and how it made them feel. That’s because emotional experiences are retrieved more reliably from our memory than neutral events.

You probably have a whole host of training programmes underway, with great content, facilitators and even a history of good participant feedback. But are you actually measuring learning impact? Are you able to track transfer of skills back to the job? And do you know which learners are potentially falling through the cracks, while others should potentially be singled out for hi-po fast tracks? Our learning community management layers into your training content, bringing an element of personalized programme tracking, supported by behavioural science 'nudges' to ensure the visceral aspects of your leadership training programmes are being amplified.

Don't just accept good verbal feedback as an indication of training success. Support real impact, and prove it with our community management model.

Our Insights:

  • Most training fails to deliver impact

  • Training has a huge financial implication - this money is wasted if training misses its mark

  • Most organisations are not measuring learning impact beyond participation and learner feedback

  • Most classroom training needs a personal touch to bring key learnings to life

  • Not all learning styles are catered to by classroom learning - small group work, coaching and assignments can catch more learners.

Our Approach:

  • Dedicated team of community managers

  • Capstone project support

  • Nudge-insights enmeshed in learner communications

  • Programme tracking and progress reporting down to team and individual

  • Metrics for learning efficacy established and measured based on your programme needs


  • Selection from shortlist of 3 Coaches – deeply experienced in bundle themes

  • BOLDLY access – 12 months

  • Digital Book: “Parents Who Lead”

  • Hogan personality assessment & debrief

  • Curated media content & activities aligned to themes

  • Guided goal setting• Blended online and f2f delivery


  • 6 x sessions

  • 1:1 or Group Coaching


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