Early Careers.

We work with you on the design, implementation and ongoing management of your early careers programmes, whether they're at inception or in-flight, we have a point of view on how to deliver a smooth entry to the workplace.

The Need:

Inclusion and diversity is fundamentally rooted at the core of all our offerings. It goes beyond ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and disability – we’re firmly committed to enabling age diversity for our clients too. While we offer mid-career and late-career services, our early careers offering is something we’re really proud of. In particular, we have worked with organisations to ensure Millennials and GenZ thrive within the work environment, and that the company in turn benefits from their contributions. Many companies know that age diversity will be essential to their industry advancements and competitive standing, however the ‘how’ of early careers can take a lot to get right.

Our Insights:

  • There has been a generational shift in how we attract and retain early-careers professionals

  • Competition for top early-careers talent is fiercer than ever

  • Environmental impact and other social impact factors play a real role in the employer value proposition for early careers

  • Learning and onboarding must be seamless, and hyper-personalised for this savvy group of workplace citizens

Our Approach:

We work with you on the design, implementation and ongoing management of Management Associates programmes, internship programmes, university hiring, apprenticeship design, and engagement initiatives for early careers staff. We deep-dive into your industry, your geography, and your unique selling points as a business to craft a crisp mission statement for your early careers initiatives, ensuring cohesion for your programmes.

Solution Options:

  • Recruitment process and collateral design

  • Competency definition

  • Assessment centre design and execution – live and digital options

  • Journey mapping for onboarding and development key experiences

  • Group, on-demand, and 1:1 coaching

  • Learning content sourcing and management, aligned to competencies and journey map

  • Skills workshops and community management

  • Career development platform and resources


Reach out to discuss your needs - we have 'off the shelf' hiring collateral, assessment center formats, EVP diagnostics, onboarding and development plans, or we can work with you to design processes and collateral based on your needs. We stay involved year-on-year to review continuous improvement opportunities and to measure business impact. Because your early careers programme needs to be thoughtful and measurable, and reflect your unique business - we're here to work with you.


Modern Careers.

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