Design Thinking Skills for HR.

By ensuring HR has the skills and knowledge for Human Centered Design, we hand over the capability for any future programme design or continuous improvement initiative to be tackled internally. No more need for consultants! (Well… sometimes!).

The Need:

Human Centred Design (HCD) has taken the HR world by storm in recent years, and rightly so. We’re in the business of working with people, ensuring they reach their personal potential, and by bringing a design lens to our talent management initiatives we ensure we’re enabling rather than encumbering those humans. What this means is:

  • Our staff are engaged throughout the development cycle for any strategic talent programmes

  • We spend a lot of time talking to and working with employees in discovery and throughout the design process to ensure our solutions optimise their work

  • We continuously work with insights and iterations to get to the heart of the talent problem we’re addressing

Our Insights:

Most talent initiatives are still ‘waterfall’ design. They ‘copy and paste’ old frameworks because of budget, leadership expectations, and sometimes because of HR capability. A huge amount of HR effort is spent on talent programmes that don’t have their intended impact, because the design process was either skipped or skimmed from the outset. HCD has one of the greatest correlations to talent programme rating and outcomes we have seen globally, and yet up-take is still gradual.

Our Approach:

Human Centered Design (HCD) is best learned through experience, and hands-on collaboration with a team on a real-life talent design challenge. Our experienced Coaches, Facilitators and Designers work on capstone projects with your HR team to ensure they understand both the theory, and get exposure to the practice of HCD, with the end result of an actionable talent initiative that your organisation can take forward and own.

Solution Options:

We collaborate through a series of workshops, coaching, feedback sessions, and can get involved in facilitated design sessions to enable your HR team with not only the skills, but the final programme products, ensuring a thorough, creative, collaborative and employee centred approach to your key talent pillars.


Workshops are ideally 3 days + in length over a 2-3 week period, depending on the complexity of the talent initiative under design. Our solutions include workshop facilitation, group coaching sessions, and platform to support participant journey and peer content sharing. Reach out to discuss how we can tailor a solution to your business circumstances, and really get the ball rolling on creative human centered design work within your HR function.


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