Organisational Capability & Skill Building.

When your organisation is going through rapid growth, market shifts, or change of strategy, sometimes your staff skills, knowledge and competence no longer fit the brief. The challenge lies in identifying skills pockets and staff readiness to up-skill, to rise to the challenges and opportunities your business faces.

Lanterne Rouge designs your buy + build talent strategy.

We start with a review and understanding of your business strategy, workforce needs, and potential market factors. We then design a bespoke approach to validate your current-state talent and skill capabilities, fungibility, and the pathway to either hiring or developing new talent to meet your business plans.

Our strategic talent reviews take your business into new geographies, new product ranges, and can include major uplift of skills and competencies across your current workforce, e.g. into programming and data science. Readiness for the future of work can't be left in the hands of universities and governments - it's up to you to prepare your people, and compete in the market for the rarest of resources in human capability. We help you plan and execute.