Organisational Climate & Culture Activation.

Business performance all starts with your mission, and accelerates with the right cultural conditions. As the saying goes: Culture eats strategy for breakfast! We work with you to ensure your mission is crisp, and internalised by your people, and that your culture is authentic, enabling your staff to do their best work and deliver on your business potential.

Our Delivery Success Is Driven By Coaches.

Lanterne Rouge works with your executive stakeholders, leaders and broader colleagues through a series of workshops, data collection and market intelligence exercises to crystalise your mission, or work with your existing mission to deliver through culture. With a great mission in place, we then collaborate to deliver 'group reflection', pinpointing insights that make your culture tick.

Our unique change management approach to culture activation and programme roll out includes not only world-class planning and communications, but training and coaching of key influencers to ensure your culture is amplified. Our 1:1 and group coaching approach ensures critical stakeholders, leaders and culture-makers within your business receive personalised development support through your culture change, so they can go forth and do their influencing with confidence and alignment to the mission.