Our Mission.

Our mission is simple: to ensure everyone has equal opportunity in the future of work by creating accessibility to the tools and resources they need to drive a personally successful and relevant career, because career success is not for the privileged few.

Our values:

If you'd like to collaborate, join our network, discuss solutions, or simply shoot the breeze - let's connect! We thrive on reciprocity and partnerships, and look forward to hearing you.

Experiences First

Listen & Provoke

Co-create for Insight

Be Bold, Learn, Adapt


Deliver Impact

Who We Are.

The Lanterne Rouge is the last-placed racer in the Tour de France: a stoic who can’t be driven from the race. As a business we celebrate this grit, and with our roots in Singapore and Hong Kong, the red lantern is also symbolic of our vitality and the prosperity we share with our clients.

The Lanterne Rouge represents our essence. We work with organisations who compete at the top of their games, delivering irrespective of their rivals. We collaborate in the pure pursuit of human performance.